On-site Product & Technical Support

Product & Technical SupportFlexitallic has developed individualized customer service modules for each client—and offers all-day (every day), on-site technical support and on-call customer care.

With more than $12 million in daily inventory (that’s more than 10,000 unique line items), our virtual warehousing capabilities and global supply chain help ensure lower project costs with reduced down time, installation time, and the need to house inventory on-site.

Our products are also offered by authorized distributors across Canada.

We’ve implemented advanced systems to ensure faster and more accurate order processing, from purchase order submission, to fulfillment and billing. As a result, our warehouse and distribution center starts compiling your order seconds after it’s placed, and you can choose the method and account report format that’s right for you.

Flange Assembly and Bolting Training Seminar

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  • Training Seminar
    Training Seminar

    Schedule your flange assembly and bolting training seminar

  • Flexitallic Careers
    Flexitallic Careers

    Flexitallic strives to be an employer of choice in our marketplace.

  • Live Chat Support
    Live Chat Support

    Speak live with a Flexitallic engineer for your product or application.

  • Flexitallic SAFE
    Flexitallic SAFE

    Want to be Flexitallic SAFE? Watch.

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