Engineering & DesignOur engineers work directly with you to develop specifications that ensure you have safety from the ground up with our most innovative material and custom-designed applications. Variable factors such as temperature, thermal cycling, pressure, media, flange design, and metallurgy are all aligned to support the performance of your new facility—and keep the overall construction process running smoothly.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom die design and manufacturing
  • 3-D imaging and modeling
  • Flexitallic Careers
    Flexitallic Careers

    Flexitallic strives to be an employer of choice in our marketplace.

  • Flexitallic SAFE
    Flexitallic SAFE

    Want to be Flexitallic SAFE? Watch.

  • Training Seminar
    Training Seminar

    Schedule your flange assembly and bolting training seminar

  • Live Chat Support
    Live Chat Support

    Speak live with a Flexitallic engineer for your product or application.

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