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The Flexitallic brand represents global leadership in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial sealing products. Developer of the spiral wound gasket in 1912, Flexitallic, today, continues its legacy of innovation with product materials such as Thermiculite® and the revolutionary Change gasket.

In 2012, Flexitallic acquired Flexitallic Canada, Ltd, combining the power of both to form a stronger, single-source solution for gaskets, custom metal fabrication and bolting—including a totally reimagined way to manufacture pipe supports by using 3-D design techniques and the latest cutting, bending and robotic welding gear. This is backed by automated parts fulfillment and management systems that allow us to deliver on time, anywhere in the world.

Flexitallic customers enjoy an expanded level of protection—Flexitallic SAFE—thanks to our commitment to innovate, customize and educate. Flexitallic SAFE leverages the company’s rich history of developing new materials and processes, along with a commitment to co-engineered solutions that meet the requirements of a specific project or application—all supported by the quality and safety-enriching training programs we offer at customer locations around the world.

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    Training Seminar

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    Live Chat Support

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    Flexitallic Careers

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    Flexitallic SAFE

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